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Music.  Art.  Yoga & Meditation.  Life Story Writing.

Enhancing the lives of seniors and people living with dementia, through meaningful engagement  with the creative arts and wellness practices 

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A renewed love of life.

Research is clear that engaging in creative and wellbeing pursuits has huge benefits for older people, as well as those living with dementia. Our mission at Create For Life is to transform their lives by igniting a passion for the arts that brings joy and fulfilment to their later years. 


Using research-based therapeutic methods, we tap into existing creative talents, undiscovered potential, and physical capabilities, to reinvigorate senior minds and improve quality of life. As experienced and passionate creative therapists, we’ve seen for ourselves, time and again, how positive the effects of creativity and movement can be. We can tell you hundreds of stories of older individuals who are lonely, unmotivated, or may be experiencing depression, changing before our eyes as our sessions go by: higher self-esteem; improved mood, mobility, and cognition. A renewed love of life. 


Our one-on-one and group sessions support healthy ageing by offering connection and socialisation, opportunities to accomplish new things, and stimulation of emotional and bodily senses. Regardless of age, mobility, or health, we can guide anyone towards a form of creative expression or movement that is inspiring and beneficial for them.  


Our Therapy Options

We deliver our sessions to both small groups in suitable settings (e.g. aged care homes or community centres), and individuals/small groups in private homes.


We help individuals explore their artistic ability, whether it’s been established in the past, or they’re a complete beginner. Self-expression, keeping the brain active, and using imagination is encouraged and developed through various mediums, including sketching, mosaicking, acrylic painting, collage, and mixed media. Many clients enjoy incorporating art appreciation into their sessions, too. If so, we begin with a relevant discussion about an artist/exhibition, accompanied by visual and/or video imagery, before moving onto the art practice. The positive outcomes are extensive. Art is a valuable tool to facilitate healing, and provides a fantastic, non-confrontational avenue for expression, particularly for those who may not have the skills to put their feelings into words. Participants enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, achievement and pride, improved self-esteem, and opportunities for socialisation that combat feelings of isolation. We provide sessions in groups of up to eight participants in a community venue, or individually in the comfort of your home - whichever you choose, participants will receive personalised tuition in an interactive setting. All we need is a quiet space with an accessible sink - set-up is uncomplicated. We’ll provide all materials and equipment, including table easels, paints and brushes, pallets, paper, and canvases.


Create For Life music therapists actively support people to improve their wellbeing and quality of life through the power of musical expression. We tailor sessions to individual needs and wishes, to facilitate both interactive and introspective musical experiences. The goals of music therapy include fostering social interaction, engagement, and connection with loved ones, enabling self-expression and communication, alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, and stimulating cognitive function. Previous musical experience is not necessary for a client to realise its many benefits. Sessions begin with the therapist observing responses to different music therapy interventions - these can include listening to specially-curated recorded music, or live music played by the therapist, that reflect the client’s culture, generation, and preferences. From there, the therapist designs a customised program. Singing together, improvising, playing simple percussion instruments, or active listening can all become part of the therapeutic process. Music therapy is particularly beneficial for people living with dementia. It is well documented that music can stimulate senses and awaken parts of the brain unaffected by dementia, and that music is strongly linked to memory.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga therapy empowers individuals with a range of yogic techniques that help them to manage their own health. Practices include posture (asanas), gestures (mudras), breathing techniques (pranayama), visualisations, chanting, relaxation, meditation, and self-relaxation guidance. These practices support muscle strength and balance, improve circulation, and improve mental health, leading to an overall improvement in health and wellbeing. Yoga therapy has been known to reduce depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, and benefit people living with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Our sessions are adapted to each individual’s needs, including those with mobility issues who can participate using Chair Yoga.

Life Story Writing

Would you like the opportunity to reflect on your life, tell your story, and pass on important information, messages and tributes to loved ones? We provide both one-on-one and group sessions that help you to bring your memories to light, reflect on your inner feelings and experiences of it all, and gain the confidence to express yourself in writing. Through conversations, creative exercises and special techniques for accessing memory, you can develop a more objective view of your unique life, and create a personal memento and legacy for your family and friends. It’s a deeply meaningful process. Our group life story sessions inspire participants to tell stories from their past and present. With a focus on telling their stories rather than writing techniques, they develop bonds through shared experiences while acknowledging the uniqueness of their lives. It also helps them come to terms with the impact of major life events. No prior writing experience is required.

Therapy Sessions

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There's a renewed confidence. They gain new skills, new purpose. It's a beautiful thing to witness. They feel like they're making their later years really count.

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